Historical Figures and Depression/Bipolar


Historical Figures

John Adams 2nd  U.S. President
Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Astronaut
Alexander the Great Macedonian King, Conqueror
Hans Christian Anderson Author
Louie Anderson Comedian
Honore de Balzac Author
Roseanne Barr Actress
Drew Barrymore Actress
Charles Baudelaire Author
Hector Berlioz Composer
Ludwig von Beethoven Composer
Irving Berlin Composer
William Blake Author
Marlon Brando Actor
John Brown Abolitionist
Charles Bludhorn Gulf Western CEO
Napoleon Bonaparte Emperor
Art  Buchwald Humorist
John Bunyan Author
Robert Burns Author
Lord Byron Author, Poet
Dr. John Cade Physician, Lithium
George Cantor Mathematician
Truman Capote Author
Ray Charles American Musician
Frederic Chopin Composer
Sir Winston Churchill Prime Minister
Eric Clapton Musician
Dick Clark Entertainer
John Cleese Actor
Rosemary Clooney Singer, actress
Joseph Conrad Author
Calvin Coolidge 30th  U.S. President
Sheryl Crow Singer and Rock Musician
Rodney Dangerfield Comedian
Charles Darwin Explorer and Scientist
John Denver Musician
Edgar Degas Painter
Ellen DeGeneres Comedienne
Princess Diana of Wales Princess
Charles Dickens Author
Fyodor Dostoyevsky Author
Patty Duke Actress
Sen. Thomas Eagleton U.S. Senator
Thomas Edison Inventor
T.S. Eliot British Poet
Queen Elizabeth I of England Monarch
Enzo Ferrari Founder, Ferrari Motors
Carrie Fisher Actress
Harrison Ford Actor
Sigmund Freud Father of Psychoanalysis
Robert  Frost Nobel Prize Winning Poet
Charles de Gaulle President of France
Alexander Hamilton Founding Father
Linda Hamilton Actress
Stephan Hawking Physicist
Audrey Hepburn Actress
Sir Anthony Hopkins Actor
Howard Hughes Industrialist
Victor Hugo Author
Andrew Jackson U.S. President
William James Psychologist, Author
Kay Redfield Jamison Psychologist, Author
Billy Joel Musician, Singer
Elton John Musician
Samuel Johnson Poet
Joan of Arc French Military Leader
John Keats Poet
Margot Kidder Actress
John Lennon Musician, Beatles
Meriwether Lewis Explorer
Abraham  Lincoln 16th   U.S. President
Jack London Author
Martin Luther Protestant Reformer
Gustav Mahler Composer
Ann-Margaret Actress
Henri Matisse French Painter
Guy de Maupassant Author
Burgess Meredith Actor
Michelangelo Sculptor, Painter
John Stuart Mill Philosopher
Juan Miro Spanish Painter
Marilyn Monroe Actress, Singer
Wolfgang A.  Mozart Composer, Child Prodigy
Eugene O’Neill Nobel Playwright
Isaac Newton Physicist, Inventor of Calculus
Florence Nightingale Founder of Modern Nursing
Vaslav Nijinsky Russian Dance Master
Richard M. Nixon 37th U.S. President
J. Robert Oppenheimer Physicist
Marco Pantani Tour de France Winner
Dorothy Parker Author
George S. Patton U.S. General
Edgar Allen Poe Author
Jackson Pollock Painter
Charlie Pride Country Musician
Sergei Rachmaninoff Russian Composer
Bonnie Raitt Musician
Lou Reed Musician
John D. Rockefeller American Industrialist
Rainer Maria Rilke Author
Charles Schultz Peanuts Cartoonist
Robert Schumann Composer
Wm. Tecumseh Sherman Union General
Frank Sinatra Actor, Singer
Rod Steiger Actor
William Styron Author
Peter Tchaikovsky Russian Composer
Leo Tolstoy Author
Mark Twain Author
Vincent van Gogh Painter
Kurt Vonnegut Author
Mike Wallace Journalist, 60 Minutes
Tennessee Williams Playwright
Walt Whitman Poet
Boris Yeltsin First President of Russia

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